Student Research

Below are research reports completed by fourth-year Leadership + Management students in

Fall 2015:

  1. Millennial Stereotypes and Career Expectations (Croft, Febres, Infantino, Osmond, Piggott & Santi)
  2. Generational Differences in Work Values (Jackson, Kadikoff, Butt, Seccareccia & Braj)
  3. What is The Effect of Millennial Identity on Work Values? (Bateman, Clerk, Lapaine
    Mair, Sutton & Reid)
  4. The Effect of Millennial Identity on Corporate Social Responsibility Beliefs and Preferences for Employer Characteristics (Cook, Fenton, Lamanna, Lodato, Van Gaalen, & Wolters)
  5. Millennial Perceptions on Dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Qualitative Study (Bednarz, Briggs, Brozyna)
  6. Millennial Traits and the Perception of Career Outcome Expectations (Beauregard, Huynh, Moloney, Ross, Rossi & Yim)
  7. Investigating the correlation between millennial identity, community involvement and attitudes towards corporate social responsibility (Mehwish, Tanwar, Sharma & Spivak)
  8. Millennial employment choices, altruism, and corporate social performance (Svirida, Parr, Erdeg, Mujanovic & Ferwerda)
  9. Beyond Boomer Benefits: Examining How Millennial Identity Influences Career Benefit Expectations (Koch, Speer, Penney, Van Balkom, Munding, Bishop & Marsh)


Fall 2014:

  1. What Effect does Parental Attachment with Millennials have on Salary Expectations and Benefit Expectations?  (Alford, Gibson, Lindo, Mladenovic, Perrotta)
  2. Identity Status on Career Decision Making (Balogh, Jarrell, Koop, Ronca, Serwotka, and Witherspoon)
  3. Investigating the correlation between employable undergraduate job applicants and their respective expectations of employers (Campagnola, Chandrashekhar, Harnarine, Pavlidis, Sweers)
  4. Cultural Effects on Choice of Occupation and University/College Major (Chan, Lee, Li, Raymond)
  5. Parental Influences on Post-Secondary Major Choice (Cridland, English, Hayles, McDonald, McHugh)
  6. The Effect of Cultural Importance on Millennial Career Exploration (Kim, Ravenhorst, Van Der Veen, Wu and Yu)
  7. Examining Generation Y: How individual values effect undergraduate job seekers’ perceptions of an organization’s reputation. (Mesih, Branton, Strome, Morgan, Mann)
  8. Job Search Self-Efficacy and the influence of Social Support among University Students (Quinn, Conti, Farrow, Trommelen, Moroz)
  9. An Organization’s Utilization of Social Media as a Recruitment Tool and Its Attractiveness to Applicants (McMillan, Jamieson, Sohal, Forgione, Serville)

Below are research reports completed by fourth-year Human Resource Management students in Fall 2012:

  1. The Effect of Debt on Generation-Y Salary Acceptance Thresholds (Campbell, Dubey, MacKinnon, Mansukhani, Manzoor)
  2. Generation Y’s Wage Expectations: Does Personality Play a Role? (Hoskin, Nguyen, Dumbleton, Shaw, Asta)
  3. Generation Y: How their job values influence their job search and job search objectives as new entries in the workforce (Porfido, Michel, Court,  Somora,  Brunato, Chilton)
  4. Job Perceptions of Generation Y in the Transition from School to Work (Dunnigan, Frankum, Ison, Matthews, Smiech, Zhou)
  5. Personality as a Predictor of Work Values in Generation Y Students  (Lowry, Campagnolo,  Morris, Preston, Xue, Cheng)
  6. How does self-esteem affect the career path of graduating university students majoring in business in the Y generation in Canada?  (Davidson, Metcalfe, Mueller, Molony, Vodouris)
  7. Social Media Recruitment: Getting Generation Y’s Attention (Ciuca, Venditti, Desormeaux, Dynan, Nixon)
  8. A Comparative Study of Work Values between Generation X and Generation Y  (Fernandes, Hyde, Ives,  Fleischer, Evoy, Van Marrum)
  9. Examining Generation Y: Undergraduate students’ willingness to compromise on one’s ideal occupation based on their level of educational debt (Whiting, Ricciardi, Grewal, Sotirakos, Hoving, Gibson)
  10. Generation Y: Factors Affecting the Formation of Business Students’ Career Expectations (De Brouwer, Fiztsimmons, Kane, Kroeker, VanParys)
  11. Examining How Generation Y’s Career Anchors Influence their Compensation Preferences  (Ferguson, Gainham, Herchenratter, Scanzano, Stockford)
  12. Generation Y: How socio-economic factors have an impact on 4th year student’s expectations of career advancement (Rowney, Heisz, Mishchenko, Gvora, Campbell)
  13. A Study of the Effects of Cooperative Education on Generation Y’s Workplace Expectations  (Haniff, Turley, Naneva, Berger, Ruddell, Navaratnam)
  14. Generation Y’s Psychological Traits, Entitlement, and Career Expectations (Black, Holman, Nadon, Otter, Powell)

Below are research reports completed by fourth-year Human Resource Management students in Fall 2011:

  1. Generation Y Expectations vs managers Perceptions  (Lewis, Durie, Kaufman, Gill, Pereira, Pirani)
  2. Generation Y and Work/Life Balance: What are their expectations? (Uba, Dark, Duquette, Yendt, Gnatek, Gallant)
  3. Examining the Perceptions of Baby Boomers’ vs. the Realities Surrounding Entitlement in Generation Y Workers (Cadieux, Bujna, Parkinson, Constantini, Berardi)
  4. Changes in Career Expectations Among Undergraduate Students (Armenio, Deslippe, Duffin, McGill, Meludie, Naiman and Sawatsky)
  5. Mentoring in the Workplace (Bramley, Burke, Lau, Marentette, Tallman)
  6. Value Changes Among Undergraduate Students (Cormack, Campbell, Dykstra, MacDonald, MacLeod, Tu)
  7. Gen Y Pay and Promotion Expectations (Burton, Collins, Cook, Kyle, Wang)
  8. Investigating how motivation affects generation Y’s relatedness in the workplace (Dent, James, Beck, Vince, Mena, Johnson, Grant, Caletti)
  9. Differences in Motivational Forces Regarding Intention to Quit (McMullen, Harrington. Hickey, Ehrentraut, Zuliniak,  Wosnick, Saidani)
  10. Leadership Preferences of Gen Y (Horeczy, Lalani, Mendes, Miller, Samsa, Scongack)

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